Selasa, Maret 15, 2011

best friend

"Together forever, never apart.  Maybe in distance, but never in heart.”

last night i met my old friend Kelly after almost 7 years we hadn't met!
along that seven years we only up dated each other's life through internet. 
i really curious to hear her story, i missed the time when we talk so long until the dawn..
oh Kelly.. she's still my old kelly, humble, funny, and friendly. but she has lost numbers of weight, gosh! she is so slim now, i remember when we were at junior high school, she was a little bit chunky hahaha.. but i loved to hear that she is fine and has a better life now, though still there are many drama stories in our life ya kel? i love you my bestfriend :))

she's so skinny and beautiful

sssttt.. if you are a blog walker, maybe u notice her, she is  Cindy's lil sister ( diamond hurts )

doc. Only i

doc. Only i


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