Selasa, Maret 15, 2011

Uni Gina & Ferdy's Wedding

On Saturday, March 5th 2011 Ghani's sister, Gina married her husband Ferdy at Masjid Agung AL AZHAR Kebayoran Baru. I love all the procession, from the Akad Nikah (married settlement procession) to the reception. The Akad Nikah held on the mosque and the reception held on the Buya Hamka's Aula. I really love the abaya used by the bride, it is glamourous yet syar'i..Gina said that she told the tailor to make her Akad Nikah dress based on the design of Irna La Perle gown, Gina show him the book that features Irna La Perle design and amazingly, the tailor could make the dress that is almost similar with Irna La Perle’s gown, of course with some modification here and there. But I loved the abaya so much, Gina and I have same opinion that we don’t really like kebaya, we think that kebaya can impress a sexy effect and it will appear your body silhouetted so it’s not syar’i. The Akad Nikah was held based on Islamic procedure. O yahh.. Generally in Indonesia the Akad Nikah procession is the bride and the groom sit in front of the wali (the father of the bride) and the penghulu (a civil employee from  Religious Affair office –KUA-) and they are covered together with a veil, and the groom pledge an Ijab Kabul. But Uni Gina and Ferdy do the unusual way, the groom pledged an Ijab Kabul first without the bride accompanied beside him, than after the witness said ‘SYAH’ the bride juxtaposed beside the groom. I heard from some sources that this is the processing that is allowed in Islam, but I don’t know for sure, I haven’t search any references yet hihi (lazy ass). And the reception is glamorous and cheerful! I really enjoyed the reception that begin with padangnese dance performs by uni and uda nan rancak ! (Beautiful sisters and brothers). I love the whole procession.. Especially when my boyfriend (Ghani) introduced me with all his family members, finally after six years  more it is the first time I was officially introduced with his family huhuhu. 

i did the make up by my self

the bride to be... hehehe Insya Allah

the souvenir : i really love it.. mini plant.. support 'go green' !

me and the pager bagus with beskap and songket

me, among the pager ayu with kebaya and songket

no, this is not the bride and the groom. this is me and him hahaha.. unfortunately i don't have a clear picture of the bride and the groom as i forgot to bring my digicam :(

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