Rabu, April 13, 2011

I’m HIJABED and proud of it

I wear it for the sake of My God

I wear it for the sake of Jannah

I wear it for my Lover who always gives me everything, the one and only Allah SWT.

I’ve been wearing hijab since August 2006. I don’t really remember the  first moment when I was wearing hijab.  I was learning at University at that time and saw so many hijabed girls there. One of my best friend  is wearing hijab modestly and I kept on wondering her and her grace. She is so confidence, and I feel so peaceful everytime I see her face, like a diamond, shiny and beautiful. Those feeling triggered me to find out the facts about hijab. I asked my hijabed girl friends and their opinion if I decided to wear hijab. All my friends said it is a good thing and it is a Hidayah from Allah SWT. But one thing that puzzled in my mind is my family. Most of women in my family are not wearing hijab, only my mom and my aunty, and they were still learning to wear it as they were still putting off their hijab sometimes. I asked my mother, and she agreed with my decision, maybe she’s a lil bit worried at that time, but I kept on my decision. I have to wear it!

And… miracle comes here and everywhere afterward..

I feel no regret at all of my decision to wear hijab. So many people said that I am more beautiful with my Hijab and I never thought I will put of my hijab, even once! And you know it’s not the end of my journey to look for Allah’s path. Allah have been tested me for many temptations. I’ve learned that I’m not automatically turn into a saint once I converted to be a hijabed girl. I’m still who I am, full of mistakes and always want to learn from my mistakes. I just have been fulfilled one of things that Allah commands me as a muslimah. It’s a little thing. So many big things I haven’t learn about my precious Allah SWT , my prophet Muhammad SAW, and all about my religion. And I call it as my beginning of the long journey to Allah SWT to His Jannah.
I believe that Allah SWT has promised Jannah to those who remain steadfast in their faith in Him and who trust in Him.

Allah SWT always wants the best for us and in His wisdom He knows why each thing that happens to us is in fact best for us. When it seems like everything is going wrong and life is just one disaster after another, it is easy to forget this and to become bitter and skeptical. Yet we must remember always to have faith that Allah SWT knows best why He has willed this for us.

Yes, I know sisters it's difficult to wear hijab. You may be rejected by your family or your friends, you may face harassment and persecution or be fired from your job. These are very scary thoughts. But if you have sabr and keep trusting in Allah SWT, I swear to you sister, this is the path to Jannah, and when you look back on the Day of Qiyamah you will know that it was worth it and have no regrets.

So the thing you have to remember is that you do not need to be perfect in iman to wear hijab. If perfection were a qualification, where is the sister who could wear it? Including me, I never state that I’m better than my sisters who haven’t been wear hijab. I’m a shiner too. But I’m the one who want to look for Allah SWT ridho, I am the one who want to be loved by Allah SWT, and for that reason, I want to grant His command. Why we could do anything for our boyfriend that give us only a few pleasure but  we couldn’t do  anything for Allah SWT who gives us a lifetime pleasure?
You must also not fall into the trap of thinking that you should wait until all your worries and fears have disappeared. They never will! Trust me on this, sister.

Make the decision to wear it
Once you have come to know in your heart that you must wear hijab, then you have to set a day and
Insya Allah .you will find a better way.

ssstttt.. i'm spreading a questioner to some my hijabed girls, i will  post their answers in my next post :)

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  1. hai.. jd inget pertama aku mke kerudung ditentang ibuku ^^ ayo sama2 jd lebih baik dengan tidak puas hanya dengan berkerudung saja tapi nambah ilmu agama dan terbuka sama ilmu baru.. semangatttt^^

  2. assalamualaikum aishi..wow iya kadang2 justru cobaan dtg dr org2 terdekat, tp Allah selalu membantu kita ya pada akhirnya kalau niat kita karenaNya. iyahh terus belajar yah untuk kita :)