Selasa, April 26, 2011


Owhhh I’m in the mood to post some old photos from the old time and also from my bestfriend wedding, Evita Yuniar .. she is my friend when I was at Junior High school, and we are in the same team ( or you can call ‘gank’) that we named it ‘RACUN’ stand for poison. Hahaha I don’t know exactly why the name of our gank so negative, if i'm not mistaken, it was started when a group of our junior called us ‘poison girls’ .. maybe because we are all beautiful and they (the junior) envy us because all the boys were attracted by us hahahhaha I don’t know.. it’s very lame and it’s very teenager syndrome! The positive thing is that the name ‘RACUN’ that makes us closer until now! And it was 8 or 9 years ago! Ohhh we are so old.. and here we are now!

our first reunion when we were at senior high school ,@ dufan ..forgive the photo, it's when the digital camera haven't exist yet :p

three years ago, when we planed to have photo shoot of 'RACUN' at taman menteng

actually we are ELEVEN..but it was only six of us that could make it

at EVITA wedding reception

after Ijab Kabul

with the bride and the groom

the almost complete of us

Vita & Ais , our first 'pecah telor'.. who's next girls? :)

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