Rabu, Mei 18, 2011

from twitter to sweeter

I never thought before that twitter could make any kind of bond aside hatred hahaha yes, I’m following some people in twitter just to loath them anyway.. it’s not good I know, somehow it is entertaining for me.. but I found some positive energy through twitter and some positive people too..Starting from the booming of a community that I admired at the beginning and finally at the end I found many disappointments to the community here and there. 

And then, by the helping of God’s hands, I was destined to meet a girl that match me a lot, she is Nanda! At first the ‘click-thing’ came when we were talking the community that I’ve talked above, and we are so cynical to them, maybe more inclined to disappointments. It turns out, we have many things in common, especially about our faith and the way we live our life, maybe because we are first-born daughter, so we are a lil bit idealist and ambitious. And our discussion came to an interesting idea that we will make a project!!
The project  itself has an intention to satisfy our hunger and our disappointments to many things, hehehe especially in the way we and many people dress up.. yes that is the clue of our next project..

Hmmm Now I need a suggestion about a cool word or phrase.. that can represent classy, mature, faithful, and independent, any idea people? Please leave your comment afterwards.. I will appreciate it a lot and I’ll give you a souvenir if your suggestion is the coolest one.. :)

finally we met! i'm so happy to meet Nanda!

she's so cute, attractive, and humble, feel very warm beside her

our face contain of 'padangnese' root , we are 'Uni'
(uni means sister in padangnese)

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