Rabu, Mei 18, 2011

From zero to hero

I have new habit on weekend! Attending wedding ceremony, it’s been a month I didn’t go anywhere but my friends wedding reception. And it means a small disaster for me , yes most of women will be ‘rempong’ when it come to think about dress up thing and usually most of women will avoid to wear the same outfit in other occasion. It’s like a big sin… hahaha so I use my brilliant brain to create something that  I already have in my wardrobe and something new that not too expensive.. and this is the result! 

looks like i'm so full preparation, it's my sudden idea :p

hehehehe i wore jumputan fabric as a skirt (old stuff) 

the glitter top cost only IDR 25k @ tanah abang

i made a layer accent with super big brooch, unfortunately the brooch broken when i used seat belt :"(

this is the detail of my hijab and skirt

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