Rabu, Mei 25, 2011

Quarter-life Syndrome

I think I’m suffering quarter-life syndrome,, some of characteristics of quarter-life syndrome just fit in me. I feel insecure regarding present accomplishment.  It seems that everything that I have done is fruitless. I didn’t do much for my environment, people around me and even for myself. I was too much re-evaluating of my close interpersonal relationship. Too many expectation but didn’t catch a half of my expectation, and I feel so bad. I have a quite big disappointment with my current job, it is stagnant. Nostalgia for college, high school, middle school and elementary school makes me hate my daily life. I feel so much boredom with my social interactions; it’s just spinning around the circle. I come across financially-rooted stress as if suddenly I have to bear all people burden. And last but not least, the marriage issue, oh gosh, some of my friends have got married and I have to admit that it is bothering me a lot.. tons.. abundant..
BUT fortunately I have five days off starting tomorrow… bye bye for a while quarter life syndrome!.. Bali I’m coming again :)

the turban

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  1. hehehe slamat liburaan kaa frida, semoga syndromnya ga kpikiran trus :D