Jumat, Juni 10, 2011

BALI again..

it's been two weeks after i was back from my holiday with  family in Bali. This time was very different since we have only two days holiday and two days preparation for my cousin's wedding. so my concentration was scattered as i had a duty as master of ceremony in my cousin's wedding, Ka Devi. There was a little bit problem at the ceremony, i was very irritated with the manager of the wedding place (Kasa Bunga, Renon), He's so ridiculous to force everybody follow his rules but in a very rude way. OK that's the worst thing about the holiday, but after that i was so happy especially because i could take my mother to the place she wants. her wish has been granted. :)  the holiday over very fast and back to daily life and welcome back quarter-life syndrome :(..

 some pictures from my holiday with family :


with the bride and the groom

beautiful plate @ pasar ubud IDR 100k

flip flop @ pasar Ubud IDR 15k

flowers for bride&groom room


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