Senin, Juli 18, 2011

come back please .. :(

i was frickin sad to know my lovely cat slip out from my house last night.. and when i saw my last post in this blog, i can't hold my tears anymore.. i can't believe that Chilo is not here anymore.. i don't have any idea where he is now, but i really hope that Chilo will find the way to my house.. God save Chilo anywhere he is.. i really love Chilo and don't wanna loose him :( Chilo is my treasure.. it's not like you lost a thing and you can replace with other things similar to the one u've lost.. i don't want others but him.. please come home Chilo :(

*I read this article, and it make me cry a river! i am so terrified..  i keep thinking of some negative possibilities Chilo has been through.. especially if it is because human intervention.. i only can trust my God, only God will be the best Guardian for Chilo..

chilo.. please be safe out there :(

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