Rabu, Juli 06, 2011

i miss sleep peacefully

I really envy how Chilo can be so peaceful while he's sleeping.
i've lost my concord lately.
i feel homeless.
It's literally that my house is being renovated for the second time, 
and i can't use my own room.
everynight I sleep here, there, everywhere with no peacefulness.
beside, the quarter life syndrome is still haunted me.
i really want a new job. 
a job that goes along with my passion.
that can make a single wide smile every time i wake up in the morning.
it's not a job of my parents' dream
it's not a job of people prestigious
it's not a job where you just dig a gold without get any peacefulness.
i envy lot of my friends who have chance to follow their passion.
i don't know it's too late for me or not.
but i don't want to stuck on this life i'm going through now. 
i want a new job.

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