Selasa, Agustus 16, 2011

Muslimah Beauty 2011

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

Sisters and brothers please support me to be on the next stage in Muslimah Beauty 2011 . This event is presented by Detik Forum and Indonesia Islamic Fashion Consortium and  many sponsors which support it  such as  AXIS, WARDAH, SHAFIRA, NOOR magazine, APPMI, and three government ministry.
I really hope this event could channel my passion. At first i had no gut to join this event, i don't have such a big confident, but people around me support me to join and finally i decided to join. I believe anything the result there will be so many things learned. But for now, let's do the ikhtiar and i need YOUR SUPPORT!

How to support me :

1. Please Log in to Detik Forum , at the left side on the top, klik DAFTAR SEKARANG . You must have an account of Detik Forum to put comments on my thread. follow the instruction until you have a confirmation email from Detik Forum and you can sign in with your verified user ID and password.
2. After you log in, click my official thread FRIDHA KUSUMAWARDANI ,
and leave your comment by clicking this sign (quick reply to this message) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

3. and finish. Thank you for your comment :)

if you don't want to leave a comment on my thread , please just be kind to pray for my best. Syukran Kasiran :)

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