Kamis, September 15, 2011

a story from LEBARAN

Lebaran always be an amusing moment in my life, it is once in a year and this moment never leaves a negative impression. Me and all family always happy to welcome Lebaran.
This year was lil bit different since this is the first Lebaran without my grandma. Last year on Lebaran day,  she was sitting on the green chair in front of her room, not in a good condition but at that time we didn't know that was her last lebaran. We miss you a lot mbah uti.. :")
This year, i'm so dissapointed with the government, they set a different date of Lebaran which has been scheduled on the calender And what happened was the difference date of 1st of Syawal and many housewives had cooked lebaran dish two day before Lebaran day that has been set by the government. it's funny when many people had eaten opor and ketupat in the last day of their fasting day.
but My family had choosen to celebrate Lebaran based on Muhamadiyah decision because it was the same decision with Saudi Arabia government. I won't offend anyone who had chosen different day of lebaran with me, as long as they have a strong faith in their hearts, because only Allah SWT who knows the righteous.

yeah and this is it LEBARAN ..means foods, cookies, new wadrobe, new heart, meet relatives, and sharing money to my cousins, niece and nephew! it's all about excitement!

meeting all relatives, there are some of them that i met only every once in a year!

ketupat opor sayur nyummmmy

gave a Lebaran money to my lovely nephew syahmi!

my complete nuclear family + chilo :)


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