Kamis, September 15, 2011


assalamualaikum wr.wb handai taulan sanak saudare.. hihihi yes yes i know, there are so many events i've been skipped to share in this blog, but  i promise Insya Allah i will share them one by one soon! :D ( as if there are so many people who read this blog! hahahhaha)

There is an important thing i wanna share you, i've found a great blog lately, it is MARI BERHIJAB !
if I'm not mistaken, the creator of this Mari Berjilbab movement is Ola Aswandi , i knew her through twitter and she is also one of blogger ( Haura Insiyah ) and part of Hijabers Community Committee.

i've once thought about this concept but yeahh.. it still leave in my mind until now, and thanks to Ola who has made 'my concept' into reality.
I've sent my story to email mariberhijab@gmail.com and has been post two days ago.

Subhanallah, you can read lots' stories from our sisters in different ages and background. The stories are so inspiring. I wish this movement can be something BIG in the future and there are a lot of muslimah who haven't wearing hijab could make up their mind to hijrah and cover their head with jilbab.  Amin ya Rabb.

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