Rabu, November 02, 2011

.......i wish someday i will able to erase this post..

Sometimes in my life,  I feel unlucky for some things that I possess ,precisely the destiny that I have, even things that has been attached to me since I was born.
I never want to replace my life with others, never ever, I thankful the life that God has given me.
But the feeling of wistful always comes when I feel there are some parts of my life which not gratify me. Everybody does, it’s not an uncommon thing, it’s so human, no?
I know, when I was complaining about the life I live in, many people are dying to reach the place where I am to be. How could I keep complaining, while there are millions reasons for me to be thankful and feel blessed?
Directly to the point,
now, i h**e someone.
He should be loved by me.
To love him is an obligation for me.
It’s different love when you love your boyfriend.
His blood is in me. That’s why, respect and love him is a must.
I don’t know when I was starting to dislike him.
The thing for sure, I am hurt because he has betrayed me and some people whom I love the most in my life.
Betraying always leads to revenge.
I don’t want to take a revenge for what he did to me and people whom I love.
It’s not a good thing.
I should forgive him, but I can’t.
I have God.
God will know the most proper punishment for Him.
Actually, I don’t want to hurt him like he did.
I don’t want make the situation hard for us.
I know he is kind.
He just lost the way.
I play my role better than him.
I’ve did everything to make him proud.
Yes, I know he’s a human, he could do mistakes like I did.
But it’s getting worse when he doesn’t fix the mistakes.
I’m so easy to forgive him who hurt me, but I will never forget what he did to me.
I don’t want God hates me because of this.
It’s something that is so wrong to hate you.
I want love you, but I wish u could change.
I don’t wanna live in a shadow of your childish attitude.
It’s enough P.

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