Kamis, November 03, 2011

Sex Education. Don't say it taboo anymore..

Do you ever notice your genital? Before last Sunday, I never knew my own genital until a friend of mind , Boti,  gave me and some of my other friends a short counseling about reproductive system or genital system. I don’t know who create the first error about this comprehension that something which is connected with genital considers taboo. But this comprehension Is already embedded and entrenched in our culture, u can’t talk about ‘a dirty things’ (they call it to comprehend a genital system) until you get married. I have realized that the theory of ‘taboo things’ has lead many teenagers to an ignorance of sex education. I don’t want to talk much about the bad things that happened as a result of misunderstanding comprehension of sex education, but I this time I will emphasize to how much you know about your own genital system?

My friend told me that we , at least once in a lifetime, have to take a look our own genital by means look it in a mirror! Of course by yourself, except you have husband or wife, u can mirror and learn together about your spouse’s genital. Before knew it important, I never thought to look my own genital in a mirror, I just thought that what we looked on picture or video is alike with mine. But I was wrong. Every human have their own characteristic of genital system, and it is important to everyone knows her/his own genital system.  It is useful to detect genital disease early, to know more what is good for you or what is bad for your genital, and the important thing is to respect ourselves, yes, how could people respect us if we don’t know all parts of ourselves? 

My friend also gave me information about contraception, it is important when we plan to marry.  We don’t want to have a baby each year right? Except you plan that way.. He told me that communication with our spouse consider sex education that can keep away you from sex violence. We, as individual, have a right to choose.  For example if you plan to postpone having a baby, you have to make a win-win solution with your spouse what contraception will be used.  I never thought that far before, but sooner or later, I will face that circumstance.  It is not a taboo matter to discuss if you relate it with health. I consider it as a brilliant information that I never thought it is important before. 

I have some bad stories how lacking of sex education has snatched the future of some of my relatives. They never knew the information early, so what has happened was they got sex violence from their boyfriend, and end up with unwanted pregnancy. I really don’t want it happen with my children in the future, I have to know the right information about sex education, and I will educate my children in their earlier ages than when I was know about it. It’s not taboo anymore, to know that the largest woman death cause is breast cancer and HPV cancer. You can do something from now, at least in your closest circle. 

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  1. Wah, jadi belajar. Ternyata masih banyak yang aku nggak tahu. Thanks for sharing. :)