Senin, Desember 19, 2011

Puche & Panji's wedding preparation

i will have my first project on Puche & Panji's wedding reception on January 15th 2012. The project is do the make up and jilbab for 15 ladies who are Puche & Panji's relatives. Yesterday is our final meeting before the day. We were discussing about the make up equipments but most of time we were chewing.. hahaha Puche always have many great foods for us when we came to her house. hehehe wish me and sari lot of luck on the day of Panji and Puche. I only hope one thing, that the ladies will not complaint, at least if it is happened, not in front of me and sarie hahaha :p. 

left-right : the bride to be Puche, me, sari, ghani & mamet

me. seated next the bride to be, and i hope i will be the next bride.. hehe..

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