Selasa, Desember 13, 2011

make up

i'm obsessed with make up lately, i don't know when it was started but it was happened gradually. I never go to a salon or a beauty center frequently, i hate spending hours in salon, i do a body and hair treatment in my home, even when i have to attend a special occasion, i do my make up by my self . I'm not expert of course, but i'm enjoying 'trial and error process' of my make up skill. Now, i'm collecting make up tools, yes they are expensive! in make up : you have money you'll get quality. so, i'm getting frustrated when i realized that my 40 % expense was spent to buy make up tools. I hope this hobby will earn back my money.. hmm let's see my first project in January, i will do a make up and jilbab do for Puche & Panji's wedding committee.

Talking about my inspiration on make up, i really love natural, flawless and subtle but look stunning. and i,m fallin in love with Jung Saem Mool make up style. She proves us that make up not always put everything colorful and make you face like 'a clown'. With a right technique and right material, you can make your face stunning and different. i can't explain more in good words, just check her Youtube channel  here or FB .. and i bet you will fall in love with her make up style!

this one is my favourite video, for everyday look!

3 komentar:

  1. Wah KEREN Dha, bisa make up sendiri! Keep the great work.
    BTW Puche sekarang berhijab? Wah..alhamdulillah..baru tau nih. Kalau soal mereka mau nikah Januari sih pernah ada yang bilang.

  2. hahahaha itu karena 'kecelakaan' secara gak bs bayar salon buat dandan2 jd klo kmana2 sendiri aja makeupan.. lama2 jadi doyan ras :D ehhh klo ada rencana pulkam ke JKT aku mau nitip make up dr Jepang yah hehehehe.. :p btw itu salah nulis yah aku? maksudnya aku diminta puche dandanin panitia yg bude2nya itu, kebanyakan pake jilbab, klo puchenya yg dandanin mah Make up artistnya gak mgkn aku ras, bs berantakan acara hehehe :) iyah mreka januari tanggal 15 nikahhh akhirnya stelah 10 tahun hehehe

  3. ah i see. wedding COMMITTEE yah hehehe maaf salah baca. sip good luck ya. seandainya ada di Jakarta pengen deh lihat langsung prosesi nikahan Panji Putri. InsyaAllah Feb/Maret aku pulang ke Jakarta. ;)