Kamis, Februari 02, 2012

February Blossom

It’s February.. the most lovely month off all.. hihihi it’s not because people celebrate Valentine’s day, but this month is my bday  month.
I’m kind of freakin out.. I’m turning 24 soon.. remember when I was a child.. what I was thinking about a women of 24 is a mature, they are ready to marry and have a baby.
It’s so ridiculous that now I’m on that stage.. and I don’t think I am mature in this age. I can earn sum of bucks to cover all my needs now, but mentally I feel so immature.. I couldn’t be far away from my mom, I’m still depend on her for everything. I’m still thinking when I get trouble, my parents will help me anyway, so I don’t have to be afraid of anything. I don’t depend my self to solve my problem. Is it happen to everyone or is it just me? before the day I’m turning 24 coming, I want to list some facts about me.. all are random things..to nudge my senses.. :)

1.       I’m running a great Korean actor fanbase for Indonesia @KangJiHwanIndo , I’m having so much fun to do this, I love Kang Ji Hwan not because he is good looking (but undeniable, handsome is one point), but because his great work on acting.. he is not the one who worrying much about being perfect in front of public, but he did worry about being ugly in acting! I’ll make a review of this actor in another post. It’s too short to make it just one point hehehe.
2.       I love make up so much that I’m thinking to make this new fondness to be my future carrier. I love to transform people to be different from they are in common. I do myself experiment when I go to work.. People will think that  I am too much, ..who cares if you disagree, you are not me.. who made you KING OF ANYTHING?? (Lah jadi nyanyiiii..) :p
3.       I have a new hobby : watching Kdrama until late at night.. or before I go to sleep I have to watch Kdrama or Kmovie at least one episode!
4.       I love Kpop too.. 70% of my ipod song list is korean song. I love 2NE1, IU, and listening a lot to Kdrama original soundtrack.. I could listen ost. My fair lady ( I Love You) like thousand times or jingle Lotte Duty Free..i like the jingle so much that I could listen the song hundred times!
5.       I can’t sleep before 12 AM.
6.       I have an obsession to Bebek Slamet (brand of spicy fried duck that has super DEAD HOT chili). I have regular time to eat that. Now it become exaggerating, i eat two portion of this  spicy fried duck in time! Hehehe one is not enough!
7.       I love my bed room so much, especially my bed side table where I put all my make up utensils.
8.       I have to kiss chilo before I leave home.
9.       I had weird dreams lately.. most of them is about the thing in the future that I’m worrying so much.. I wish I could meet Kang Ji Hwan in my dream hufhhh..
10.   I’m on the stage of enjoying my life so much, not worrying so much about what will happen in the future or the past that hurts me a lot. I have lots of obsession but it keeps me chills to face the reality.. I know Who direct my life so well, so I trust Him to do the best on my life script.
11.   I want anything that I want on my birthday hahahaha my last year birthday is a dream come true.. I don’t ask anything more than that.. I’m grateful more than I expected.

Eleven… means.. this month of eleven is… hahahahahhahahaha… see ya..

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