Selasa, November 10, 2009

The Pretender

"You cannot run away from weakness; you must some time fight it out or perish; and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?"
Robert Lewis Stevenson The Amateur Emigrant (1895)

why many people are being so ridiculous by pretending they are strong whereas in fact they are weak. i can figure it out clearly, why the people whom i know they are strong, in fact they really need serious help for their mental illness. Let say, i know a woman who is dubbed as 'a superwoman' because her ability to solve her heavy problems and she is just look so calm to face her problems that anyone will admire her for what she have been through. But hey, it makes me think different way from other people, you know, everybody in this world will have their own temptation, so it is just a common thing for me like you have a family that have various characters. wait, i feel important to emphasize that for what I've written and for what will  i write, anything, i don't mean to place my self as the best person who knows everything. I feel my self full of mistakes and i've fucked up many good situation into a total mess, or anything that makes me an imperfect human. So this time, i just wanna let everyone knows what is my opinion about BEING STRONG TO COVER YOUR WEAKNESSES. it seems that there's nothing wrong with that sentence, yes, u are right. But not for me, it bottering lately. I realized one thing, that some people in my life are being show off to others that they are strong, their way is the most obviously right way, and trying to advice me many things that i really understand it's only work for them not for me. 
As a person i'm an open personality, i let everybody knows what i'm feeling , but sometimes people just don't let me be the person i am.. they expect much from me, at the first time i meet someone, i'll let he/she knows my best part, but hey, who don't do that? i just wanna give a good impression to people,  and to know me closer, u have to accept me just the way i am. but i don't show the extreme opposite things from when the first time i show you. just let me be the person i am, that makes me comfortable to be your friend, do not expecting much from me, cause i just like and i will in love to the person who never cover their weaknesses in front of me. Show me u r weak, show me who u are, show me that u can't resist the tempatation by urself. one thing, when i'm dissapointed with you, or even i don't like what u've done to me, just take it as a reflection, don't mad at me back. i just wanna let u know, the things i just don't like from you, n i never relly mad at you. that's it. i'm not that hard.. just easy and simple...


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