Selasa, Februari 16, 2010

Diary of 2009

It’s been long time not to write on this blog! Hey it is now 2010 and there are so many bad and good things have been left from the Yesteryear..i just wanna quote some imperative events that happened in 2009, because for me, 2009 was such a great year in my many things to learn from the year where I stepped my life forward..let me break into a monthly event :

January 2009
the soulmate was exist!

I was still on my effort to finish my thesis on time..yes u can imagine the situation..late night activity almost every day, just have my sleep time about 3 or 4 hours, and I eat  meals like a pig,,it is the effect of keep my eyes wide open on late at night. just for info, I get 5 kg weight only a month tahahaha! Yes it’s all because I was chased by the deadline! This time was my up and down moment..Life ooh life..
and how about Love thingy?
Hmm actually it’s a big..oh no Very massive  secret that I’ll reveal here.  I was destined to meet my compatible man ever! Though it is just in my dream to possess him as a whole, at least I have a very more-than-great moment with the end I found one theory of mine..that perfection is absolutely impossible to be possessed by a human, it’s Only God’s authority ..then let it be happened in heaven, n let me just thank to God for tasting a bit sweet of heaven kiss.

February 2009

This is my birthmonth!

But no surprises except from my TVRI besties. I’ve got very cute Winnie-the-pooh bday cake, gift, ang yummy food at Ming Village Sency. And at the the end of the month, I registered my thesis to the University’s administration to get my thesis trial date! Tararararang…

March 2009

A + Cumlaude

March 14 09 was my important day ever! It is the determination day for my 3,5 years efforts in University. And it turned to be a very bright day for me as the result..i’ve got A for my thesis…Mr.cumlaude I’m coming to of my duty is done! Ibu & is dedicated for u..

April 2009

Met many awesome people!

I joined the PPAN program. PPAN stands for Pertukaran Pelajar Antar Negara..haha sound very genius right,youth exchange program!.. I was competing to find ONE place to be an A1, the representative young from Indonesia who will have some period of internship in Canada and Indonesia for almost a year..A1 is the most honorable title for a young  man and woman in our country, it’s like u’ll be invited in each national event and wearing an A1 Blazer! Very cool yumm ?..And the result..of course I was failed with the sixty something others..hahaha.but the program has opened my eyes widely that there are so many effin brilliant, Genius, Creative yet humble young teenagers in the province I live (West Java), so the brilliants are not only live at Jakarta as the adage says..”dunia tak selebar daun kelor boy!”..i’m very pleased to know them.

Mei 2009
The Graduation.

the baju kurung or kebaya i wore in my graduation day.

On my graduation day which was held at istora Senayan..i felt a lil bit gloomy..because I have no friends around me!! Only my nuclear family attended the graduation ceremony, as only Me and Indah who graduated early in our class,, yes we have finished our study in three and a half year (bwakakakak it sounds I’m showing off!) the graduation day is not very blast yet memorable only a glance of blink faces of my parents.

Juni 2009

one year to be forever..

This is the last full month I worked at lovely working place ever..and I have to leave them..and all the GOLD memory there..

Juli 2009

I have a new job!

I was accepted as a secretary to Director for Slog Oil &Gas company. And guess what? The office location, just like my dream when I was a kid, is on Mega Kuningan!one of prestigious office spot in my country. Thankful for the job.

August 2009
September 2009

October 2009

what a long journey!

5 years anniversary with my lovely man. Though it should be not 5 years full (the broke up accident that he call it “kekhilafan”), but hey..5 years it’s a longggggggggg journey..but i never give up! Wish that I could have The God Blessing.

November 2009

He was graduated!

Heyy like UI didn’t want to let him go, the very-hard-to- get graduation!

December 2009


My bf got his first job at KAP duren means that his office very close to mine! He picked me up and sent me home almost everyday…lovely :)

And finally the new year was come…
The new year eve is very lovely yet blast moment ever!
Celebrated with my big family and my boyfie…lot of good food and Happy!
Wish I have a blast 2010 more than the yesteryear…

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