Selasa, November 29, 2011

fall in KOREA

Long time not post any post! Wkwkwk.. and my passion has changed a lot in a blink of eye!
Hihihi.. no, I didn’t  change my old passion, I still love fashion, make up, sewing, styling, cats, food, stalking (oops).. hahaha but it is expanded.. I’m falling in love with KOREA! It was starting when I watch K-drama, the title is “Personal Taste” staring Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin (you all must don’t have any idea about who they are!).. I used to crazy about K-Drama, when I watched Full House, Memories in Bali, Lovers in Paris and the most Booming K-Drama.. the Gun Jun pyo drama .. Boys Before Flowers (F4)., but along with the film ended, my hysteria was extinguished. And now, I became crazy anymore about KOREA! I watched the drama all night long, I keep on curious until the end of episode, and suddenly awaken by the call of prayer at dawn (adzan subuh maksudnyee).. it is totally crazy that I really stunned with the character in the drama, they are all have natural acting character, unaffected acting!

It is so easy to fall in love with them! Until I thought that I have to know more about them, I became so excited to know everything about KOREA! I am learning the language, read about the history, follow all the Kpop news, and dreaming to step my foot on INCHEON International Airport someday..
Sorry if I will talk more about KOREA in my next post.. and don’t misunderstood, I still love Indonesia  on the top of any country in the world. 

i love this K-Drama Couple at Personal Taste

How can i resist him? i am officially MINOZ ( Lee Min Ho Fans Club) after watched 'PERSONAL TASTE'

The Adorable Park Si Hoo (The Princess Man, Queen of Reversals, Prosecutor Princess)

Annyeong! (Goodbye in KOREAN)

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