Jumat, Desember 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mother birthday, She's half a century now. Wow..  she's getting older and i look her stronger day by day.. and i love her more for what she does to me everyday.. serving me a breakfast, making me carrot juice , and do a laundry for my clothes. i shouldn't let her do all the housework she does everyday, but she keep on assuring me that she is fine. sometimes and recently it becomes often that i can let myself live without her presence, i don't have much conversation with her on our daily life,  but just to see her face, i can go through all difficulties in my life. i need her to be around me everytime i need, because her advices always make me  dissolved. Her voice like The God's voice to me. And i'm so scare now,  cause i'm not to be the girl that she expected. I'll try to make it up for her.. Happy Birthday Ibu.. Ridha sayang ibu..

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